New Horizons Await: A Farewell from President Ararat Gulian and Welcome to President Paco Podunajec in the World of Streetlifting

Dear members of the streetlifting community,

With a mix of sorrow and pride, I bid you farewell as the President of ISF. However, it is with great pride that I introduce to you my successor, Mr. Paco Podunajec. His extensive experience, particularly in the founding and development of the European Streetlifting Federation, speaks volumes about his dedication and knowledge in our exhilarating sport.

I am confident that under Paco’s leadership, ISF will continue to thrive, and I invite each of you to support him in this crucial endeavor. Our community is poised for new heights, and I believe that under Paco’s guidance, the future of ISF will be bright and successful.

With gratitude for your individual contributions to our streetlifting community,

Ararat Gulian

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