Adopted by the I-st Congress of the ISF / 02/01/2017


MEMORANDUM on the development of world streetlifting.

Taking into account the fact that streetlifting as a power sport, taking advantage of growing popularity, is accessible and mass, uniting the people and meeting modern sports standards, by virtue of this, representing the most valuable material for the intensive development of human potential through physical education.

Understanding that the interaction on popularization of streetlifting in the international community will promote the development of intercultural communication and the expansion of humanitarian cooperation between people and organizations around the world. In an effort to unite individuals and organizations interested in developing streetlifting, to expand the opportunities for athletes to participate in competitions, regardless of nationality and gender, religion.

We, members of the International Federation of Streetlifting, representatives of national Streetlifting Federations, athletes and coaches and call on all interested persons and organizations to join it, sharing the following principles and objectives:

– we declare our intention to develop streetlifting that has a positive impact on the development of the physical and moral qualities of a person;

– we organize our activities, combining the efforts of society to take into account the development of streetlifting in the state social policies of our countries;

– we take responsibility for the use in sport training, in the organization of mass street-lifting sessions of safe and effective means and techniques that ensure the harmonious physical development of a person, without the use of prohibited means and dopes;

– our activities involve the dissemination of information about streetlifting, competition rules and refereeing, accessible and modern methods of sports training;

– we will promote innovation in the development of streetlifting, involving the scientific community, highly qualified specialists of our countries;

– in all areas of our activities, we will be guided by the Olympic ideals and principles, setting ourselves the task of introducing streetlifting to the official recognition of the International Olympic Committee for further development under its aegis.

This Memorandum is open for signature by persons and organizations, it is necessary to inform about the accession to the Executive Committee of the International Streetlifting Federation.

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