Final decisions of the 5th ISF General Congress:

Dear friends,
I am sharing with you the summary of the 5th ISF General Congress:

🔸 1) agreed on the venues of international competitions in 2023:
World – Italy
Europe – Netherlands and Serbia
Asia – Kazakhstan

🔸 2) Decided to move the ISF Headquarters to Brussels, Belgium

🔸 3) Decided to form a Constitutional Committee, which will be engaged in writing a new ISF Charter in accordance with all international standards and legislation of Brussels.

🔸4) Decided to hold an ISF Reporting and Election Conference within the framework of the Absolute European Championship in the Netherlands. February 25-26, 2023.

🔸5) Decided to introduce a new sports discipline – Muscle up (Classic&Multilift). The 1st stage is the formation of a committee to develop rules for conducting competitions in this discipline. Final decision will be made at the ISF Reporting and Election Conference in February

🔸6) It was decided to send the ISF Code of Ethics for revision. The final decision will be made at the ISF reporting and election conference in February

We have updated the calendar plan for 2023. Please read it at the link –

If you want to make adjustments, then you can write about it by mail

🔸7) It was decided to introduce Membership fees from National Representative Offices in favor of the ISF.
The goal is to raise funds to cover the costs of moving the Headquarters with the official registration of the organization in Europe. At least 2500 euros are required.

National branches that are members of the ISF pay the amount of the membership fee depending on the duration of their membership:
➖0-2 Years old: $100 USD
➖over 2 years old: $200 USD

Payment details:

To: Europe Streetlifting Federation
Purpose: ISF Membership Fee

The IBAN (account number) of the EUSF account:
NL20 INGB 0674 7747 28
Europe Streetlifting Federation

when transferring money from other international countries to Dutch banks and visa versa, a BIC number is also required, which is the following

The info below is only if requested:
To receive money from abroad on our account, they are sometimes asking for the address of ING bank. You can then provide the following address:
ING Bank N.V.
Foreign Operations
PO Box 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam

📣 After payment of the fee, be sure to notify by mail

The 5th General Congress was attended by authorized representatives of the ISF countries with the right to vote:

1 ISF President – Ararat Gulian
2 ISF First Vice President- Paco Podunajec
3 Egypt – Seif Zamzam
4 Senegal – Hassan Kassem
5 Uganda – Bogere Sekilanda
6 India – Supratip Das
7 Kazakhstan – Andrey Makarenko
8 Philippines – Edmar Belbes
9 Bulgaria – Tsvetan Georgiev
10 Greece – Andreas Kolettis
11 Italy – Hideki De Patto
12 Netherlands – Maikel van den Broek
13 Romania – Florentin Cismaru-Bacanu
14 Serbia – Jovan Mastilovic
15 Slovenia – Sebastjan Emeršič
16 Russia – Vladimir Rudakov
17 Canada – Emanuele Federico
18 USA – Michael Fontanez

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