ISF Worlds Championship 2022 moved from Russia

The International Streetlifting Federation has decided to relocate the World Championships 2022 that was originally to be held in Moscow, Russia.

ISF condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and joins the international sporting community’s call for a peaceful resolution of this ongoing conflict. ISF will follow the guidance issued by the IOC on February 28th and will take the following actions.

  • The 2022 ISF World Championships, which were originally scheduled for June 25-26, 2022 in Moscow, Russia, will be relocated to the Netherlands and Kazakhstan (online format)

Restrictions are introduced on holding international streetlifting competitions in Russia and in the Republic of Belarus.
Athletes from Russia and the Republic of Belarus may participate in ISF International competitions only under the following conditions:
– Personal participation only, without specifying a National Team:
– Performance under a neutral (white) flag:
– The uniform and equipment must not contain state symbols.

This decision was not taken lightly.

We feel for the athletes of our National Federations, who deserve to have consistency and stability in their season schedule after two years of disruption due to the global pandemic.

We feel for the Russian and Belarusian athletes and the Russian Streetlifting Federation, who wanted nothing more than to host the incredible World Championship event they are capable of and contribute to the growth of the Streetlifting Community.

And most of all, we feel for the people of Ukraine as they bravely fight and defend against this unjust attack on their country.

Let there be peace and love!

Best regards
Presidium of the International Streetlifting Federation

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