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Jovan Mastilovic
  • Status in the ISF
ISF Official Representative in Serbia
  • Position in the ISF
Vice-President ISF
  • ISF Referee Category


The Association was founded in 2020 without the formation of a legal entity. The official representative of the ISF in Serbia is Željko Vlajin since February 11, 2020.

Since 2021 the official representative of ISF in Serbia is Streetworkout Sombor under the leadership of Jovan Mastilovic

The main tasks of the official representative in the country:

  • development and popularization of streetlifting;
  • creation of conditions for the registration of the National Streetlifting Federation;
  • certification of referees/secretaries with assignment of regional and national ISF categories;
  • conducting city, regional, interregional and national streetlifting competitions according to ISF rules;
  • conducting qualifying competitions for the formation of the national team for participation in international ISF competitions.

In order to join the national federation and help the Official Representative in the implementation of the tasks assigned to him, you can contact him by phone or e-mail specified on this page.

If the official representative does not get in touch for more than 7 days, contact the ISF Secretariat by mail:

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