Online Open European Streetlifting Championships (ISF) 2021


On-line European Championships in streetlifting and weighted pull-ups & dips (Classic & Multilift)

Sub-Junior, Junior, Masters & Open

Date: December 11-12, 2021.


  • Russia / Moscow, «Evolve» Gym, Derbenevskaya Embankment, 7sb;
  • Kazakhstan / Uralsk, «Olimpia» Gym, Abaya Avenue, 90/1;
  • Turkey / Istanbul, «YG FitnessAcademy», Mithatpaşa Mahallesi Birinci Köy Yolu Sokak, 4.

Attention! Due to the measures that can be taken by various states to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection, the competitions may be canceled in some cities. Follow the latest information on the official website.  You can also check the information with ISF representatives. The contacts of the organizers are listed in chapter 14.

The schedule of weighing and lifting will be based on preliminary applications and will be available from December 01, 2021 on the official website of the federation.

The Championship has held on the ISF Technical Rules. Read them on our website:

Only certificated referees by ISF are allowed.
The referee should have appropriate clothing (white shirt, dark pants) and the appropriate referee category. All athletes (regardless of their location) will be judged by a single referee’s team remotely via online video broadcast

Preliminary Rounds

Athletes from all countries of the world are allowed to participate in ISF competitions without qualifier only if they successfully pass the online test for knowledge of the ISF Rules –

Team organization and application rule.

To apply the team the captains, have to send an application form before December 05, 2021 to e-mail The application you can take on the official website:

It is impossible to change something after December 05, 2021.

Regardless of whether an athlete performs in the individual competition or for the team, for each separately, athletes must be submitted online application.

Entry form and payments.

  • Preliminary applications are NECESSARY.

The application deadline is December 05, 2021 (inclusive). Online registration form on official website:

 Entry fee:

  • Single lift (one nomination) for athletes aged under 21 (inclusive) – 1 950 RUR (27 $). Single lift (one nomination) for athletes over the age of 22 – 2 500 RUR (35 $). Two lifts (nominations) and more – you get a 20% discount.
  • Athletes who have submitted applications and paid the entry fee may refuse to participate in the competition by writing to

Contact information

  • Russia: Ararat Gulian – phone: +7 (905) 602-98-99 (WhatsApp)
  • Kazakhstan: Andrey Makarenko – phone: +7 (707) 647-28-87 (WhatsApp)
  • Turkey: Ismail Berk Cavusoglu – phone: +90 (534) 225-76-62 (WhatsApp)

ISF official website:


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