The Armenian Streetlifting Federation (FSR) was founded in October 2021.

Previous national championships

Previous international championships

The leadership

  • Name
Ararat Gulian
  • Status in the ISF
ASF President
  • Position in the ISF
ISF President
  • ISF Referee Category

Ararat Gulian  – public figure, sports functionary, individual entrepreneur. President and founder of the International Streetlifting Federation (ISF), Autonomous Non-profit Organization for the promotion of Power Sports (WPSA) and Regional branch of the All-Russian Mas-wrestling Federation (2015-2017).

He was engaged in sambo, wushu-sanda, gymnastics. In the army, he became interested in power sports. Since 2012, he has been actively engaged in powerlifting, mas-wrestling and functional fitness.

Ararat Gulian is European Champion WPC powerlifting 2014, the Champion of Russia on multi-repeat bench-press (folk bench press) 2015, the Referee of the international category. Since 2015, he has been the organizer of many major power sports events in Russia.

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