Asian Open Streetlifting Championship ISF-2023, Oral, Kazakhstan

Asian Open Classic and Multilift Streetlifting Championships

17-18-19 November, 2023

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan region, Oral (Uralsk), Orakbayev str. 1/1


Classic Streetlifting competition (Classic)
Multilift Streetlifting competition (Multilift)

The exact weigh-in and lifting schedule will be made on the basis of pre-entries and will be available from November 10, 2023 on the official website of the federation.

The championship will be held in accordance with the ISF Technical Rules. Familiarize yourself with them on our website: .

Acceptance of applications from participants and cost

Pre-submission of an application is REQUIRED

Deadline for submission of applications is till November 14, 2023 (inclusive).
Online registration form on the official ISF website:

Entry Fee:

One nomination = 20000 ₸ ($45). Two or more nominations – you get a 20% discount on the total amount of contributions.

Payment must be made before the deadline for receipt of preliminary entries for the competition (November 10, 2023)

Online registration of the participant of the competition

Read more in the Competition Regulations
(be sure to familiarize yourself with it before the competition)

the Competition Regulations

Download (PDF, 226KB)

Online registration of the participant of the competition

Event Details
Event Details
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