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Prepare In advance

Event preparation begins well before the morning of the event. Once event programming is available Referees should:

  • Review movement standards
  • Visualize how the competitions will flow
  • Identify potential areas of concern
  • Record any questions to discuss prior to the event

The assigned team of ISF Referees will have access to collaborative websites and documents prior to an event. This is the ideal forum in which to discuss “in-event execution” and resolve any outstanding issues.

Be a Student of the Sport

Effective officiating requires an understanding of the sport of functional fitness beyond the basics. Awareness of the broader topics and how they can affect athletes ‘ results will aid in accurate rulings and better understanding of the sport.

In addition to attending live events and watching televised events, Referees should participate in online discussions in the various online forums that exist for streetlifting events. Through study of actual events and participation in professional discussions, a Referee can broaden perspective and benefit from the observations and experience of other streetlifting officials. Review your previous judging performances. Self-identification of opportunities is critical to continually improving your performance. As part of the ISF Referee system, performance feedback will be provided for your review and analysis.

Scout Athlete Performance

As in any sport, an athlete’s ability to successful perform an exercise as prescribed is only a portion of what will occur in the competition. Individual or team strategy may come into play as well.

Whenever possible, a Referee should use available resources to prepare to the fullest. This potentially includes:

  • Watching athletes and teams during practice or in warm up
  • Social Media videos

Referees may not intervene, offer suggestions or opinion to athletes or teams on any strategy observed. All questions from athletes, coaches, or teams should be referred to the Head Referee for the event.

Time and Place

Referees are expected to adhere to the “Time and Place” mantra for multiple topics:

  • Event and Start​: Event Schedules will be published in advance of each event. Referees will be scheduled throughout the event and are expected to know and follow individual assignments.
  • Movement standards or test questions​: Whenever possible, all questions should be addressed prior to arrival at an event.
  • Any issues that arise during the event typically require quick attention for proper resolution. Referees should share their concern or questions with the Head Referee in a discrete manner to prevent undue escalation of the situation.

General Best Practices

During the course of an event, it is essential that a Technical Official prepares and maintains him / herself for top performance.

  • Dress according to the rules.
  • Rest: ​Sit when you are not working an assigned heat.
  • Hydrate: ​Drink water.
  • Eat: ​Before, during, and after the event. Pack snacks.
  • Stretch: ​Warm up, cool down. This is a great team activity!

Social Media

  • Referees are prohibited from soliciting athletes or teams for personal pictures, autographs or souvenirs
  • Referees are prohibited from using personal social media platforms for 60 minutes prior to the start of an event day until 60 minutes after the event is complete
  • Referees Social Media posts are prohibited from supporting a specific team or athlete
  • Referee Social Media posts are prohibited from commenting on questioned and/or questionable officiating at an event where the Referee HAS or HAS NOT served in an officiant capacity
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