Basic Referee Online Course
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What does a Referee do?

A Referee’s role goes beyond counting and giving “no-reps.” One must constantly be assessing fast paced and sometimes hectic movements with strict criteria in order to ensure fair and accurate outcomes.

On the Platform

Reward completions of prescribed standards for a designated task. Asking these following questions and fully understanding the correct answers will build confidence and allow for a better understand on the Technical Official role.

  • Prescribed Standard – HOW DOES THE ATHLETES HAVE TO DO IT?
  • Points of performance – WHAT ARE THE REFEREES REVIEWING?

Before, During, and After Events

Professional decorum is an expectation of all Referees at ISF events. This extends to the Referees’ interactions with all individuals at a particular event. In current world environments, this includes use of social media and other digital platforms and what Referees share with the general public.

Rights of the Referee

  • Proper Respect from athletes and teams
    Referees are ensured the proper respect from athletes, teams, and spectators
  • Universal integrity of Referees decisions
    A Referee must perform his or her assigned task in good faith with the intent to properly execute based on his or her knowledge, skills, ability, and training. With this high standard in mind, Referees’ decisions are accepted to be true.

Processes exist to properly address scoring errors. If at any point it is determined that a Referee is acting with any less than the highest integrity, that Referee may be subject to decertification as an ISF Referee.

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