Basic Referee Online Course
About Lesson

This course is designed as preparation for the Referees for International Level Competition at International Streetlifting Federation (ISF) sanctioned events.

Referees are the “on field” face of the technical committee. In order to successfully complete this course, the participant must complete an assessment consisting of an online examination in addition to positive participation during class discussion and demonstrations, if also taking the in person seminar.

The certification provided through this course will remain valid for a period of three (2) years. This preliminary certification is required for participation in additional courses available through the ISF.

NOTE: International accreditation is only provided when this course is delivered in conjunction with an in person seminar led by ISF personnel. National Federations may use this course in part or in its entirety to certify Technical Officials at the national level.

Accreditation may be revoked at the discretion of the ISF Referee’s Committee or Board of Directors.

This course will cover the following topics:

Technical Officials Standard Manual

As an ISF Referee, there are critical expectations regarding behavioral and professional standards to which each certified Referees is expected to adhere while participating in ISF events.

Additionally, the ISF Referees’ Standard Manual includes best practices and an overview of the performance review routines that will be used in Referees evaluations. The manual will be periodically updated with addenda to address topics not included in initial publication.

Movement Standards

Movement Standards identify the key points of performance that must be achieved by the athlete so that credit may be given for the completed repetition.

During this course you will be provided with the ISF Technical Official Movement Standard Doc.

This is a general guide for all movements you will need to be familiar with. Specific event programming will be provided by the National Federation, ISF or in some cases this online course. If this is not in direct preparation for an event, previous tests and related programming should be used for training examples and discussion.

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